Thursday, July 25, 2013

India Blogging

The countdown to vacation has finally come to classes/hours (three more classes and 4 1/2 more hours as of 10:00 am) and not weeks and days. We don't leave for India until Monday morning but my summer vacation starts at precicely 2:35 today, where I will then progress to the nearest Family Mart, purchase something alcoholic and relish in my freedom that I have for the next nine days.

My plan is to blog a bit while we are in India so when I arrive back here to Korea to tell all of you about our fabulously exotic week, you won't be subjected to the same four-part ordeal that my trip to America produced. I know we have wifi in a few places we'll be, so I'm hoping to have some downtime to be able to write a bit and post some pictures from my Blogger app. I'll warn you now, when I post pictures from the app, they are enormous for some reason and I can't control the size, so it will more than likely look ridiculous if I do get the chance to post.

Be on the lookout on facebook for links directing you here next week! Have a good vacation in Myrtle Beach or Florida, peasants.

(jk, I'm poor, too.)

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