Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Cue the Laziness

It's currently 6:32 PM Tuesday, dia dos of my 9-2:30 schedule, precisely three minutes until I would've normally finished teaching during normal school hours...and I've just dragged myself out of my bed where I've been lying for the past hour and a half flipping through my new ISLANDS magazine (thanks mom), playing Angry Birds, scrolling through Pinterest and trying (painfully) to get through the second Game of Thrones book.

I sit here on my floor in front of my six year old laptop amongst mounds of clutter that surround me in this 700 sq ft apartment. My mother recently sent a giant box of stuff (Forever 21 orders, meds, lotion, hair care, food...) that has exploded all over my living room on top of all the clean/dirty laundry that was already piled around there before. Clutter has to rise to a certain point before it bothers me (not the greatest personality trait) so our apartment would probably give some people a heart attack. Now, straight up dirty, that's a different story. Dirt? No. Clutter? Meh. Case in point:

My living room as I type this

My finishing early almost has a vacation feel in itself. I only work 5 1/2 hours on a normal day...now my 5 1/2 hours seems to zip by at an alarmingly happy pace. Get in, get out. (That's what she said.) When I'm at school, I feel so productive and positive about what my afternoon/evening will entail. 

Thoughts at school: Yeah! I'm gonna get home and put on music and scrub my floors! 

Arrive home reality: I'm just going to look through Buzzfeed for a bit...(45 minutes later)...I wonder what the Lannisters are up to...(30 minutes later)...Die, pigs, die!...(10 minutes later)...Facebook...Facebook...Facebook...

And so it goes. I still sit here in my underwear procrastinating doing something constructive by writing this blog about how I'm procrastinating doing something constructive. Summer vacation hours, I tell you.

I do have SOME exciting news to report, on the other hand. Last summer, the aircon in our apartment worked very feebly. It spewed out only semi-cool air leaving us still sweating in here all the while receiving two monthly energy bills with the total nearing $900. We decided to get it fixed this year because it was doing the same thing (so we haven't been using it) and so I had a Korean at work set up a time for the LG guy to come take a look at it last week. He came in, walked straight to our storage closet (where there has always been a large machine of some sort taking up all kinds of valuable storage space), looked inside at how packed full to the ceiling it is, and said "wow!" as he took everything out and put it onto my kitchen table and floor. It turns out that large machine controls the aircon and because it couldn't breathe at all with my accumulated travel junk in there it couldn't get the air cooled down for the aircon. What? All this time I just had to take stuff out of my closet!? He cleaned the entire unit, charged me $20 and now I'm cool as a cucumber. 

I've sat here long enough, time get put on Pandora's 90s Pop Hits and get to cleaning. 

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