Monday, January 28, 2013

Longest January Ever.

19 days...19 days...19 days...

I feel like every day is an eternity. This has been the slowest and longest countdown to something in my life, I swear. I don't remember the days leading up to my departure from Japan being this excruciating. Sure, I was anxious to get home and there was a lot to look forward to once I arrived but it seems that this time around it's practically painful watching the days, hours, minutes and seconds tick by while every thought I have is about going home. I have gone through a million different scenarios for each millisecond I'm on American soil in my head. My airplane outfit, getting a carton of milk tea in Narita, will the plane have AVOD?, seeing Corey for the first time, our conversations on the plane, I want to go straight to Target from the airport, how will Eers react to seeing me?, finding Cor some tofu BBQ, I'm glad that Korean restaurant I found has kimbaps, I hope they let me pick my rental car, driving is going to be a nightmare, plugging in my iPod and singing at the top of my lungs for five hours to St. Louis, will I be able to find my hotel alright?, a big king bed just for me!, I need to get some new outfits for STL (new city, new outfits), I'm so stoked for the art museum, I bet the arch is huge, will I be able to find the perfect black mesh cut-out dress I've been looking for?, I have a 10 hour drive home, I'm so gonna cry when I see my grandma, I also might cry when I see she made me corn bread, I'm sitting around Aunt Kathy's orange countertops playing with Taya...

And on and on and and on it goes. I practically think of nothing else. It's probably not the healthiest thing ever to have my mind being consumed by this one thing but I can't help it. I think it still seems a bit unreal that I'm going home. I have everything booked and ready to go. Flight, hotel in STL and my rental car. Everything else is at my whims and that's the greatest feeling, knowing that I have more than a month in the US just to do whatever I want, whenever I want. Now if only these next few weeks would just fly on by...

I've started some lists of things I need to make sure I buy and things I can't forget to pack and that helps, seeing it on the fridge and slowly crossing things off. I think once I actually start packing it'll get a lot more real and time will go by fast because I'll be busy. Now that I have everything booked and planned I've nothing to do but sit around and think about it. It's turning my brain to mush.

Actually, I think right now I'm gonna go drag out my suitcase and start putting in things that I know I won't need over the next 19 days...Yep, that's what I'm gonna do!


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