Friday, January 11, 2013

AMERICA, I'm coming!

These past few months have been filled with nothing but longing to be in the United States. I miss the interstates, greenspace, strip malls, oversized parking lots, a trashcan when needed, central heating, being literate...and a plethora of other things that you can't even imagine.

I had been waiting and waiting and waiting on answer from a job in Japan (which I still haven't heard from) before coming home. To avoid a very large argument, I figure I should just keep waiting to book a flight home. My window of opportunity of being able to come home at all was closing and closing fast, so I had to bring up the idea of going on home with or without an answer about a job. It went smoother than I could've hoped for as I mentioned that I can wait on an answer or look for other jobs regardless of the country I'm sitting here it is, a few days later and I'm sitting pretty with a beautiful itinerary in my email saying I'll be arriving in the good ol' US of A on Saturday, February 16th. (Thanks to my mom, thanks mother!!!)

My last day at Nammun is Friday the 15th then I leave out at 8:30 the following morning. I'll fly Busan-Tokyo-Chicago-Nashville and arrive in Nashville at just before noon. (Hooray!) I was desperately hoping to leave out of here the 9th, but they couldn't get a replacement teacher that fast. Miss Corey Ellen is flying down from PIT to stay with me in Nashville for the weekend, and since she had to fly through Chicago anyway she's now on MY flight right next to me! (Hooray #2!) We'll spend the weekend together then I'm gonna head the 5 hours north to St. Louis to visit Zack and Jess (Hooray #3!) until that following Monday. Lucky for me, I-64 runs from St. Louis straight into WV so it'll be a breeze getting to the old LC.

Here is an ever-growing list of things that I am looking forward to/plan to see/do in just a few short weeks:

Meet miss baby Taya
The fam
Taco Bell
Tokyo airport (Japanese food/drinks yesssss)
Diet Pepsi
Destroy the buffet at Sesame Inn
More Target
Olive Garden
Corn bread
Tour Cor around Music City
Warmer weather
Drivers obeying red lights
Reading signs/menus
Sweet tea whenever I want it
Toaster Strudels
An effing BATHTUB
A proper hairdye job
Jess (#2)
Flipping through the television channels at my leisure
Sleep on a real mattress
El Rincon
Did I mention Target?
TJ Maxx
Cheap Sevens at TJ Maxx
Radio stations
MTO Sheetz man, MTO Sheetz
Shoes that fit
Someone bags my groceries for me
Forever 21

...and many, many, many more

February 16th, you can't come soon enough!!!!!!

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