Saturday, September 18, 2010

Atarashi Louis!

Just thought I'd post that I added a new addition to my LV family. I got this gem at a used shop (aka Heaven) for $900 LESS than what it retails for. They still sell the same bag in stores, albeit a slightly updated version, but it's still the same bag nonetheless. It's such a good, big size but the condition isn't even close to being new. The leather has already oxidized into the caramely brown it is now but other than that it shows very little signs of wear. I'm very, VERY happy with it and one of the main reasons I bought it was that Al and I both can use it. As we speak he is spending the weekend in Ehime (next prefecture over) and took it as his overnight bag because it "completes his outfit" as he says. (Do you doubt why we are together?) It usually sits in the closet in its dustbag but we do travel a lot and it's the perfect carry-on size for planes. I also just figured out how to put pictures on this thing so this will be my first one! <3 <3

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