Monday, September 27, 2010


The weather is cooling down! I've now worn a pair of jeans three times! THREE! I have not put on any type of pants, let alone thick, hot jeans since June...only skirts, shorts and dresses for almost three months but it's actually cooled down enough in the past two weeks or so to wear jeans. The bad part about the cooler weather (and when I mean cooler, I mean it's hovering around 75) is that I'm getting paler. Nobody looks good in the winter and tanning beds don't exist here. I'm hoping that the sun is still strong enough for me to be able to lie outside a few more times and get some mini sunburns or something to hold me over another month or so. Bah.

We went to a baseball game yesterday! Baseball is HUGE in Japan. I think baseball is one of the most boring sports ever but it was fun nonetheless. One of the office workers in Ota (one of my schools) and her husband had tickets so they took Al and I and Katie and Lisa. In America, the 7th inning stretch everyone stands up and sings "Take Me Out to the Ballgame". In Japan, everyone blows up and lets go of these giant balloons that strongly resemble sperm after a traditional song that is played in the stadium.

Now, the game we went to was very empty (they had just won the league championship the night before so nobody came to our game) so letting the balloons go was cool but somewhat underwhelming. Now, if you go to Osaka to a Hanshin Tigers game (they are huge like the Yankees or something) there are something like over 50,000 releasing these balloons at the same time so it's like one giant balloon ejaculation.

We plan on trying to make it to one of those games next year...hopefully. Tickets are near impossible to get.

That's all for tonight...Al is whining for me to go to sleep :)

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  1. That was too funny! It really does look like sperm :) does it make u want to have a baby?? Also pale skin is beautiful!! Trust me when i say you will never regret NOT laying in tanning beds or laying in the sun. And do NOT get sun burned. There is no such thing as mini skin cancer!!