Monday, April 19, 2010

Made it!

Here we are, living in Japan. It's been a long few days. The journey over went relatively smoothly and we actually slept most of the trip. The first leg from Pittburgh to Chicago was like any other flight but then we had a five hour wait there which was super boring. Our flight to Seoul, South Korea left at 1am Friday night/Saturday morning whatever and thirteen hours later we landed at 5am Sunday morning. Very weird. I was probably only awake maybe four or five of those thirteen hours and slept the rest so it was a pretty short trip. I never got bored or antsy but that plane SUCKED. Seatguru liiiiiied. We were on a terribly old plane with a tiny, crappy TV with an even worse movie selection. The "From Seoul" movies were like Avatar and New Moon...ones I would actually watch...while the "To Seoul" movies were God awful things like Alvin and the Chipmunks and Whip It. After another five or so hour wait in Seoul we had our last flight to Osaka, Japan where customs and immigration were a breeze. Makes me realize how uptight and mean the Canada/US immigration officers are. Once we got to Osaka we had to take a three hour bus ride to Takamatsu. We actaully got off the bus at the wrong stop thanks to the douche bus driver (his fault, honestly) and our friends that live here, Andrew and Christa, were supposed to meet us at another bus stop. Well we finally figured things out, Andrew came and got us and we had to take a taxi to the Takamatsu train station where we finally got on a fifteen minute train ride to Sakaide, our town. Remember we have four giant suitcases, a big duffle, and three carry ons dragging along with us. We finally get to our apartment at around 8:30pm Sunday night which all in all makes it around 40 hours worth of travelling. Miserable.

Today, Andrew and Christa showed us around, took us to the grocery stores and the mall. Grocery shopping is going to be either really easy or really hard. Obviously, I don't know what the labels say which makes everything terribly difficult but it's also nice because she showed me what to buy and what not to buy and if I can't read any of the labels I pretty much just go in, get what I need and get out. I liked perusing around the grocery story at home but I probably won't be doing much of that here. The food isn't bad, just a lot of the same thing. Meat, rice, noodles and maybe some vegetables here and there. I thought moving here would be a fast track to skinniness but there is junk food everywherrreee. I don't know how these people stay so thin. There are bakeries and pastry shops all over the place. Andrew said a lot of people actually end up gaining weight. Bah. I refuse.

Al thought he was some kind of man beast and beat the jet leg already but it hit him today and he's zonked out. It's only 8 at night but I'm heading to bed. I can't wait until I feel normal!


  1. Love this!!! hehehe it will be my routine, having my morning coffee and reading your blog!

    Canadian BFF

  2. I love this, Sam...great idea. Feel like I'm right there with you!

  3. Yay! I'm glad people are reading it!

  4. Yes your mom loves it too!! I too was having my morning coffee and reading your blog this morning. It will be great morning ritual. I can't wait to wake up every morning to check for new pics and read your blog. Love you soooo much

  5. Hey Sweetpea! Thanks for allowing us to be a part of this fantastic journey. Love the blog. Keep us posted. Sending you lots & lots of WV love!! ~ Aunt Kathy