Thursday, April 22, 2010

First Day!

Today was our first day of work! We went to the main office in Kanon-ji for the weekly meeting this morning and we got to meet the rest of the teachers. Everyone seems so nice but a lot of them are leaving and we're taking their places or they are waiting on new teachers to get here, so we'll have to meet brand new people here in a month or so I think. We're observing for a week so after the meeting I went with Christa to the school in Kokubunji for four classes today. One is a one-on-one conversation class with one student named Keiko; a class of like 3 year olds who know nothing and just stare at me; a class of three 6 year old boys, one of whome is very disruptive but incredibly smart and another who is so dumb it's funny; and the last class is two 10 year old girls who are so smart and very eager to learn and can have conversations with me. That's just my normal Thursday. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are all at the Kokubunji school, Friday I'll be in Ota and Saturday I'll be at the school in Sakaide which I love because it's just around the block from our apartment. I really can't wait to meet the rest of the kids. Al's day went pretty good with one of his classes he has two boys one who is named Harry and the other is Potter. LOVE!

I'm definitely on Japanese time. I barely had jet lag, if at all. I really don't think I could even call it jet lag since the time difference never affected me because of the time we arrived. It's more exhaustion from the long trip because I do get tired in the eveings. I think today I'm officially over it all. It's 11pm right now and I feel normal...I'm tired after a long day but just the normal tired-after-a-long-day kind of tired.

I'm actually very, very tired right now and I know this was a pretty boring read so I'll write something more interesting later because I can't really think straight :)


  1. I didn't think it was boring. I loved it.

  2. Sam- This is pretty interesting. I am excited to hear about your stories from Japan. Good luck with everything, and I hope it is a fun ride ;)

    P.S. I now know what my kids names will be.. Harry and Potter.. classic.