Monday, June 23, 2014

Thanks For Reading Through the Years

It's come a time to put this blog on indefinite hiatus. It wasn't that hard of a decision; it's a travel/life abroad blog and I am no longer traveling nor living abroad. I won't be bringing frequent updates on my exotic (ha) Asian life, however when I do travel, I will write a post. I love writing and I love this blog, I just have the same life as every other American now and truly nothing worthy of writing about is going on at the moment. No crazy Korean children, no fireworks festivals, no trips to Seoul.

Sure, I'd like to be writing about my new job and first days there and I'll be going to training in NJ for two weeks then to DC for the company USA Ball all next month...but that's a different blog entirely. I made this blog for travel, so travel is shall remain (however infrequent). 

Thank you guys for sticking with me and reading my posts over the past four years. You're the reason I have over 14,000 views. That's not much when you think about how long I've had this thing going, but it's a lot to me and I've gotten excited over each and every hit. If there are any last things to say for a while, it's that you, YOU reading this, get out there! Go! Travel! Adventure! On your deathbed, you will never regret taking that trip to Argentina or Paris or Bali, but you may perhaps regret not taking it. Don't live on the "someday"!

 I love all of you. Thank you, thank you, thank you for reading this blog. 


Vik, Iceland

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