Thursday, January 2, 2014

Resolutions Are Nonsense: Happy 2014

Call me a sourpuss or something, but I don't buy into that whole "new year, new me" bullshizz. I think that making resolutions is a surefire way to set yourself up for disappointment. Statistically, only 5-10% of people actually stick to their resolutions. Are you going to be one in that small percentage? Probably not. If you aren't willing set goals to lose 50 pounds, quit smoking and volunteer more in August, why do you think you would on January 1st? Yeah, the calendar changed, but you probably won't.

Now before you point the cross hairs in my direction and send out a witch hunt for my head, understand that I very much like the idea of the New Year and making an attempt to do good, just like I like the idea of Valentine's Day; both are stupid, so indulging without seriousness is A-OK. Valentine's Day is corny and tacky, but is it fun getting flowers from Al and reveling in all the pink and fluff? Sure! Just like it's nice to think about changing your ways, even though, more than likely, you will not. Not to say that resolutions are tacky, but they shouldn't have much stock put into them, just like Valentine's Day. 

I don't think I've ever made a resolution, ever, and as it turns out, come Feburary 7th, I'm not wallowing in guilt because I haven't stuck to something I told myself I would or wouldn't do. Just like everyone else, I like the fresh start that the new year brings. For some reason, in my head I don't see years or calendars as linear, I see them as sort of a long oval, where December 31 is at the top and then January 1 drops back down to the bottom, allowing us to work our way back up to the top again. And starting from the bottom isn't bad, especially when it comes to the New Year; it's that clean beginning we all love. I just don't think we should make promises to ourselves, serious ones at least, that we will more than likely never fulfill. I'm all about trying to get to the gym about a month before we leave here and bust my rear so that I'll look great in our vacation photos. New Year's resolution? Nah, just something I want to (maybe) accomplish. 

2014 actually scares the bejeezus out of me. It's the year of uncertainty. In 91 days, Al and I will be finishing our teaching abroad life and heading into the (as of right now) American Unknown. Between today and April 3, we still have to acquire a Green Card and a couple of jobs. (The Green Card is a necessity, the jobs would be a plus). We will be setting out to Europe with a month itinerary of amazing places to see and then we land in the old USA with a somewhat shoddy plan of attempting to start our lives there. What scares me the most is that in the past 2 1/2 years that I will have been here in Korea, out of all the dozens of people I've known best, only three have not yet returned after they finished and went to their respective homelands. Every single person (except the three) that I've gotten close to, who has left at one point, has come back here because of the debilitating job situations in the Western World. We've had quite a few return in the past few months and three more will be arriving in the next month or so. I do not, under any circumstances, want that to become us. I am DONE teaching and I do not want to come back here. I'd rather work at Walgreens and live with my mother forever. 

I already know, and am preparing myself for it, there will come a time during this coming year that I will be aching for this life and this place. Possibly Al more than I because in some ways (the partying kind) he is much more of a child than myself. Not to say that him liking to go out every weekend is bad, but the bars not closing and staying out until sunrise every weekend is something that is just not done in the US unless one is 22 years old in Panama City on Spring Break (or a student at WVU), and I'm sure he will miss that aspect more than I will. I will be aching for the freedom we have. I've said it a million times, but we have very little responsibility and can basically do whatever we want whenever we want. Once back home, that's life, and something I'm 50/50 on. But, Al is almost 30, I'm almost 28, we have to start somewhere, sometime, and I know this is the time. I don't want to be 30 years old and come back here. I refuse. Life is calling! Because I know that there will probably be more than a few occasions of intense questioning and wanting to come back, I think I'll be better prepared for it. Something like the grass is always greener and people want what they can't have, right?

New Year's Eve was eventful yet again, although a little less lackluster than last year, I think. My outfit was fab, but nothing really screamed "New Year's Eve" this year other than my hat with the giveaway "Happy New Year" and the somewhat ho-hum countdown that occured in the very packed venue where we were located. With about 5 minutes left to midnight, the band left the stage saying they'd be back for the countdown, but with about 30 seconds left, a group next to us decided to take it upon themselves to start counting from 10. No one was into it, so they stopped. About 20 seconds later, they started it again, this time everyone else halfheartedly chimed in and...that was our countdown. No music, nothing on over the speakers. I found out a short while later that it was actually a friend of ours (whom I like very much) who started the whole thing, so it's hard to be mad. I just put too much store into big events. I'm exactly like that scene in Christmas Vacation when Ellen says to Clark, "You set standards that no family event could ever live up to...parties, weddings, graduations..." Yep. That's me. I always have such high hopes for big events that I feel extremely let down when they don't live up to the hype I have in my head. Despite it not really feeling like NYE, we still had a blast out and ended up at karaoke (where else) until about 6. Not a bad night.

In Korea, they believe that what you do on January 1st sets you up for the entire year and is sort of a prediction of how one's year will be. (Al swears it's just the country putting that in their heads to keep them productive, working and un-lazy even on a holiday.) If that's the case, my year will be obese and nearly comotose, as my January 1st was spent ordering McDonald's and moving only from the computer to the bed. I don't know if I agree with Al, I think it's a nice idea, superstition, tradition, whatever it is...although knowing this country like I do, he might have a slight point.

Let the anxiety about 2014 begin!


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