Friday, November 1, 2013

A Nammun Elementary Halloween

I always like special days at school when we can get away from the mundane daily task of teaching and learning. These kids have no free time whatsoever so any chance I get to have fun with them, I take. Halloween is a holiday made for kids. Adults love it, but kids L-O-V-E it. Asia, on the other hand, sucks at Halloween. It has just not really caught on here and it's nothing like in the US and Canada. There aren't any costume shops per se, nor are there many places to even buy anything Halloween related. Toys R Us and a few of the department stores have a small selection of things like witch hats, swords and fairy wings. I saw a few Iron Man costumes and some other doctor/fireman/police officer pajama like things for boys, but that's really about it. There's definitely no trick-or-treating, it's just more or less a reason to put on a hat or mask and get candy from your teacher at school.

...That's where we come in! I went above and beyond and made tons of decorations and thought of games for the kids because the Korean teachers are useless when it comes to things like that. At the end of every semester (every two months) we have "coupon day" where the kids redeem the coupons they receive from accumulated stamps and stickers for homework and good behavior throughout those two months. Usually it's snacks, pens, notebooks and a movie during class but this coupon day fell on Halloween, so we made it special for them by giving out candy also. I cringed watching the kids who never do homework and therefore have no coupons be handed gobs of candy, but, it's a special day I suppose. Al teaches with me on Thursdays at Nammun so this year, he was there with me and made it much more fun! Despite them not getting a real Halloween experience, we all had buttloads of fun.  

Didn't get too creative, but Al wore his onesie and called himself a bunny

Wayne and Kevin the Mummy
Toilet paper mummy game

Anna looks unimpressed to be swaddled in TP

Al and I had a teacher race. I WON

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