Sunday, October 13, 2013

Gonna Be A Long 10 Weeks

The past few weeks have been chock-full of holidays. In the last four weeks, I've had one five-day weekend, one four-day weekend, a Wednesday holiday off and a Typhoon Tuesday where I was sent home as soon as I arrived (what a waste of makeup). That's all lovely, but starting tomorrow we have an arduous stretch of TEN weeks with zero days off of school. I remember it last year and it's painful. The weather starts to suck and you have nothing to look forward to for two months. I feel like once we finally get on the other side of the new year I can really start counting down my time here.

The gradual cool down has begun. It's fabulous every day. The sun is hot, the shade is cool and it hangs around in the 70s. Beautiful! All the trees are still green; I've only seen one or two here and there that have only just started changing colors. You'd have to venture into the country or go hiking (gag) to fully see and appreciate the color changes so I'll just enjoy the few I see on my walk to work.

This past weekend was spent doing a whole lot of nothing, which I like. Last night I did go out for a bit to support a friend in her DJing venture, but I sneaked out early because I was feeling a bit blah. And my friend Gina (with whom I went to India and Japan) is in Paris this week. Al and her boyfriend Landon were out on a bender and I just wasn't feeling it. PJs it is! I'm sitting here on a gorgeous Sunday while Al naps away and I have yet to unpack from my Japan trip. Better get on it.

PS, we're slowly narrowing down our European itinerary! Stay tuned for when Al's new passport finally arrives and we can actually book our tickets.

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