Monday, June 24, 2013

Air Con Fake Out

It turns out that the day we had air conditioning in my office was a fluke. It was a one day event. Perhaps it was a hotter than average day. Perhaps someone accidentally elbowed the main switch and we got lucky. Perhaps some foreigner-hating Korean teacher knows how hot I am and decided to totally fake me out. Whatever the reasoning for my one day of comfort last week, I was informed yesterday after much complaining and asking whyyyyyyy!?! that it's "school policy" that the air conditioning isn't turned on until July 1st.

This isn't Wisconsin or Northern China you loons! It's been getting over 80 degrees for weeks! We actually NEED the air conditioning before July here in Busan!

I have one more week of melting before these energy saving lunatics turn on some cool air for my office and all classrooms. The hallways will remain sweltering ovens but at least there is some respite in the rooms. One. More. Week.

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