Sunday, May 5, 2013

Cinco de Sunburn

Much to my great elation, the weather is finally starting to heat up a bit. The winters are long and cold here and it seems to take forever to get warm. Once the hot weather does come, it comes on with a vengeance, so I'm sure I'll be complaining about that in the near future. But as for now, it's 65-70 every day and my school is neither too hot nor too cold, making it a nice teaching environment for now. This past weekend was the nicest we've had since probably October, bringing everyone outside in droves to enjoy the warmth. (By everyone I mean the foreigners, the Koreans are still wearing ski jackets and sweaters. No surprise there.)

Saturday, we went to the Lotte Giants baseball game, the professional team of Busan. We can see the stadium from our house, so it's nice to just walk down there when there's a game. Baseball itself as a sport is super boring, but the social aspect of the games keeps me going back when people plan it. I guess they are doing poorly this year, so they lost this one.

Sunday was CINCO DE MAYOOOOOO!!!!! Last year we were equipped with sombreros for the occasion but since no one got them this year, it was more of just an official beach season kick off day, complete with tacos for dinner that evening. It was all of our first day at the beach this year and it was a beautiful 75 degrees. Personally, I like it about 85 but that's just me. 

This above picture was taken to show you my thermos. I brought tea to the beach, Si style.

Because it wasn't super hot and the sun didn't seem that strong on top of me being on a mission to get tan, I didn't bother with the sunscreen when I got to the beach. Oops. I am now writing this with a wicked sunburn. I really and truly didn't think I was going to get as red as I am. At the beginning of the summer I always get a few sunburns, sunscreen or not, and then it turns brown and then I'm good. I knew I was going to get a little red, I just didn't anticipate how red. I've had worse sunburns, honestly, but the first of the year is always a bit uncomfortable. I've slathered myself in aloe and will continue doing so until it's gone so I don't peel.

I posted a picture on facebook of my sunburn last night before I went to sleep and woke up this morning with multiple comments on it, not about my sunburn, but my being too skinny! I reeeeally need to address this. I am by far not too skinny, I promise you. I simply know how to work angles of the camera and use it to my advantage when posting pictures. Yes, I have lost weight recently, but it was weight I definitely needed to lose and I'm now what I feel is a pretty healthy 137 pounds. I'm still very jiggly and according to the trainer at the gym I still need to lose about 5 more and I will still remain perfectly healthy. I assure you I eat whatever I want generally, it's just much easier to eat more healthy here as the access to junk food isn't as readily available. I still have a slight gut and definitely some cellulitey legs, I just don't post pictures like that on facebook. Sure, it might be deceiving, but I'd rather play up my better features for all the world to see and I think that's alright. To prove that I'm not underweight and certainly not "tiny", here are some pictures of my perfectly normal body for your viewing pleasure. 

See. Normal. Nothing to worry about. I loved all the comments on me being too skinny, trust me, I've not heard that in many many years, but because it's simply not the case in any capacity, I thought I needed to say something about it. 


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